Malarial dreams

I’m taking anti-malarials since Botswana, on top of everything else, is a malarial zone, and man, my dreams are weird.  I usually have weird dreams, and I always remember them, and I always insist on telling Al about them.  But these ones, the last few days, have been off-the-charts weird. But fun!

Last night, my dream involved stowing away on a boat AND a plane, climbing on a skyscraper on a balloon ladder, having my face turned into claymation (and attempting to take an Instagram picture of my face while it was claymation), meeting a woman with a pink-and-white leopard print face, attending LA fashion week and having to restrain a dog from walking in front of Tyra Banks (who entered on a purple horse with fake eyelashes), watching Lady Gaga perform on stilts, and seeing various other celebrities, including Selena Gomez.

Tyra smized at me
Tyra smized at me

One of my favorite details of my dream last night took place in New York (the dream took place in New York, San Francisco, LA, and the high seas).  There was a fancy children’s dentist office there that tried to make going to the dentist “fun” by staging robot/dinosaur battles in the front window of the office and then blasting out the window (movie explosion style) to entice children to come in and save the dinosaur, or whatever.  The kids would rush in and get to watch another fanciful, expensively staged battle while their teeth were being cleaned. Only in New York (in my dream).

But seriously, my dream made me want to go to fashion week. And see a Lady Gaga concert. Although, truth be told, her costumes in my dream were probably more outrageous than they could be in real life, since she was on 20-foot stilts and wearing a shiny white dress with a giant butt built in.  Actually, that sounds like a normal Lady Gaga costume, now that I’m writing it out.

Anyway, I kinda didn’t want my dream to end, but I’m up now, and slowly accepting the sad fact that I didn’t actually make eye contact with Tyra Banks or successfully cling to the bottom of an airplane as it was taxiing in order to sneak aboard. Dang.  Life can be disappointing sometimes.

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