Help me by letting me help you

Guys, no Sound Advice Thursday today because, alas, no one sent in any questions this week. Not to be your college girlfriend who threatens to kill herself if you break up with her, or anything, but I will have to discontinue Sound Advice Thursdays if no one seeks my Sound Advice. So this right here is basically the blog equivalent of your dad yelling into the backseat, “Don’t make me turn this car around!!!” Because I will, you guys. I will turn this thing around.

I'm obviously the dad in this scenario.
I’m obviously the dad in this scenario.

Please send all burning questions — I know you have them — to [at] gmail [dot] com.

In the meantime, please feel free to peruse some of the past Sound Advice that I’ve so lovingly doled out, including:

And many more!

See you next Thursday.



    I saw your message on my blog and have basically been on yours for over 90 minutes reading and laughing. I was meant to be in bed at 21.30. What a pleasure it has been. I love your writing and your stories and seeing your wedding video made me want to fall in love and get married by next week! So sweet! Now that I know there’s an advice queen, I will send you a question. Look out for it.

    Love Mili
    Mememe, Joburg

    • Thanks for the question and for the kind words on the blog! Glad you enjoyed. Means a lot coming from a fellow blogger. 🙂 xx

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